BOXARR solves complex networks of interdependency in the aerospace and defence industries. The oil and gas industry is set to be the next to benefit.

The Oil & Gas sector faces the challenge of complexity on a massive scale, with highly inter-dependent equipment and systems, distributed supply-chains and significant impacts of un-managed risk. We see BOXARR's unrivaled ability to help organizations effectively optimize and manage massive inter-dependent systems being tremendously valuable to the energy sector as a whole.

What BOXARR Does

It provides a complete map of the whole value chain, development processes and linkages, allowing you to identify critical dependencies and interactions, understand & mitigate risk, and safely evaluate what-if alternatives, thus avoiding the enormous cost and timescale overruns typical of large, complex projects.

Resolution Energy Services is an accredited Boxarr Certified Solution Provider.  



Seismic data management utilities and transcription software

Managing seismic data on tape and disk over its entire life-cycle is a complex and challenging task, which if mishandled can result in the loss of data that is impossible to replace. Troika's suite of software has been developed to help automate and enhance the quality control, health and compliance of seismic data through its life-cycle from acquisition to processing.